Some design examples:
Converter for the hybrid "City Bus" bus manufactured by Delphi (G.M.) & Scania.
Left: 310 V to 24V, 2,5 kW ressonant converter.
Rigth: Two 3.5 kW 3-phase inverters for the oil and air pumps.
SCHLUMBERGER (now ACTARIS) Portable Three-Phase Static Phantom Load Generator GP3050.
0-100 A 0-320 V per phase, power supply: 57-550 V, distortion < 0.5%, phase control accuracy < 1

AC Variable Speed Drives
Speedometer for motorbikes
Programmable functions via joystick
Mobile phone call warning
Two up/down trip odometers. Chronometer.
Flasher unit included. Security code.
Telltales light intensity automatically adjusted in function of ambient light.

Automatic electronic chlorinator for swimming pools

Dashboard for the IVECO four wheel drive car "Massif"


Calculation of the passive components and the commutating current in an assisted turn off inverter.

Losses in PWM inverters using IGBTs

Compensación del tiempo muerto en inversores y amplificadores clase D

Sencillos circuitos para electrónica de potencia - Simple circuits for power electronics

Quasi resonant fly back converter uses a simple CMOS control

Digitally programmable resistor

Calculator program finds closets standard resistor values

Modification of NTC resolution with a parallel resistor

Fundamentos de óptica aplicada a la instrumentación

Fundamentos de los displays de cristal líquido

Reglas fundamentales para la soldadura de componentes electrónicos

Linearisation of a thermistor

Phase controller using a 555

Isolation amplifier