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Speed and position control of 12 A.C. motor drivers for a car factory

Magnetic and optical pickups for industrial applications, war ships and submarines.

Optical/contact hand tachometer.

0,37 kW A.C. speed drive.

Computer controlled electronic warper.

Converter for the hybrid "City Bus" bus manufactured by Delphi (G.M.) & Scania.
Left: 310 V to 24V, 2,5 kW ressonant converter.
Rigth: Two 3.5 kW 3-phase inverters for the oil and air pumps.

SCHLUMBERGER (now ACTARIS) Portable Three-Phase Static Phantom Load Generator GP3050.
0-100 A 0-320 V per phase, power supply: 57-550 V, distortion < 0.5%.

AC Variable Speed Drives

AC Variable Speed Drives

Speedometer for motorbikes
Programmable functions via joystick
Mobile phone call warning
Two up/down trip odometers. Chronometer.
Flasher unit included.
Telltales light intensity automatically adjusted in function of ambient light.

Dashboard for the IVECO four wheel drive car "Massif"

Automatic electronic chlorinator for swimming pools

Modular power converter up to 5 kW for chlorine production
in public swimming pools

Inductive conductivity sensor

Insulation tester (> 2 GΩ) and simulator of pH and ORP sensors

800 W power converter with sigma delta control